What are the 6 Early Common Orthodontic Problems We Watch In Kids?

common orthodontic problems in kids
By Jupiter Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics

Early orthodontic problems appear in children by seven when their first permanent molars erupt. So it might seem that your child’s teeth are straight, but they could still have several subtle issues which only an orthodontist in Allen can recognize. By identifying the problems, the Allen orthodontist and pediatric dentist can help prevent more serious dental problems by pinpointing problems with the child’s jaw, facial structure and teeth. This blog will discuss the six early common orthodontic problems seen in children.


Crossbite is one of the common orthodontic problems in children. If left untreated, it could permanently change the facial structure, jaw joint and teeth alignment. In a crossbite, some bottom teeth will sit in front of the top teeth. Crossbites are further classified into two types: anterior crossbite and posterior crossbite. In a posterior crossbite, the back teeth will be involved. However, in an anterior crossbite, the front teeth will be involved. Early orthodontic intervention can prevent facial imbalances and helps the Allen dentist in keeping track of the child’s jaw development.

Open Bite

The teeth do not meet in an open bite when the mouth is closed. There would be significant open space between the upper and lower arches. It can make it difficult for kids to bite or chew food correctly, as well as speech problems. Phase 1 braces or appliances for children can resolve the problem of open bites and thus allow them to speak, eat and chew properly. 


If your child has an excessive gap between one or more teeth, they have a spacing issue. Leaving it untreated can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and bone deterioration. The problem can be fixed with the help of Phase 1 braces or appliances.


Your child can face dental problems such as chewing difficulties, jaw pain, uneven wear and risk of injury to the front teeth due to overbite. In an overbite, also known as a deep bite, the upper teeth will be located far forward from the lower teeth. Depending on the tooth condition, the orthodontist may recommend phase 1 orthodontic treatment or dentofacial orthopedics. 


If the lower teeth are in front of the top teeth when the mouth is closed, it is known as an underbite. Underbite can cause facial imbalance, chewing problems, jaw pain and uneven wear. Early detection in children by an orthodontist can prevent the need for jaw surgery and extensive treatment when the patient gets older.

Protruding Front Teeth

If your child’s front teeth stick out, then the teeth are more likely to get injured. An orthodontist may recommend interceptive orthodontic treatment for shifting the teeth back and thus keeping them safe. 

Haven’t you taken your child to an orthodontist yet? Please schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Allen. Those mentioned above are the six common orthodontic problems in children. 

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