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Early Intervention

Early Intervention Non-Extraction Orthodontics

The key and the primary focus is Early Intervention. We mean as early as 5-8 years of age. The best time to address moderate to severe orthodontic/dentofacial orthopedic problems is before the baby molars start becoming loose. This typically occurs around the ages of 9 y/o for girls and 9 1/2 y/o for boys.



The treatment is very well-tolerated by children. We take every measure to ensure that every child has a positive experience during the entire process.

Initial Consultation And Records Appointment

Our Initial appointment will surprise you on the amount of data we collect. The appointment includes:

What Are Some Of The Ways We Can Correct Early Orthodontic / Dentofacial Orthopedic Problems?

We use a combination of different methods to achieve a final great result.
Some of the more common examples are:

Case Example

Before And After

We were able to intervene early to create space to allow the permanent teeth to erupt ideally without using braces. Another great benefit when intervening early is the ability to create a more broader smile and a less “gummy” smile.

Before And After

Crowding on upper and lower teeth. Intervening early we were able to avoid extractions.

Before And After

Patient had a constricted upper jaw and a gummy smile. The changes were great!

Before And After

Upper and lower crowding. This particular patient had significant sleep issues. We used a combination of appliances to achieve a healthy beautiful smile and significantly improve her sleep.

Before And After

Beautiful Smile

Before And After

Mike had upper crowding and an open bite. We created more space for the tongue to create a more beautiful healthy smile.

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