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Allen's Top The Myobrace® Activity Videos Center

Myobrace® Activity Videos

Myobrace® Activity Videos

Myobrace® System Introduction Video

You will find the library of videos to assist you with your assigned exercises. Please do not proceed to the next group of videos until previous groups of exercises are mastered.

Myobrace® Group 1 Video

Resting Position, Correct Swallow and Breathing Awareness.

Myobrace® Group 2 Video

Drinking, Paces and Remembering Game.

Myobrace® Group 3 Video

Lip Training, Continuous Drinking and Nose Opening.

Myobrace® Group 4 Video

Yawning, Water Seal and Tongue Clicks.

Myobrace® Group 5 Video

Squirt Bottle Swallows and Skinny Tongue.

Myobrace® Group 6 Video

Kick Kick Kick, Gargling and Straw Drinking.

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