5 Tips For Success After Getting Braces

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By Jupiter Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics

Wearing braces is one of the most effective teeth straightening options. In children and adolescents, we can often use a system of appliances in addition to braces to help guide the growth of the upper and lower jaws in the right direction.

Experts say that the first week of getting braces is the most difficult phase to consider. 

As you might have figured out from the title, in this blog we are going to discuss the 5 easy tips to adopt during the first week of getting braces. So, if you think your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment including traditional braces, going through the sections below can be of great help. Putting on braces is very safe if done correctly and under the observation of a trained dental professional. 

Have your child double check the following before leaving the dental office 

It is necessary to ask a few questions before leaving the dental office. Make sure your child checks to see if he/she has any poky wires. He/she can use his/her tongue to check. Otherwise, the wire can poke his/her cheeks or even pierce inside of the tongue. It is also advisable to ask questions about the next steps before leaving the dental office. This might include aftercare tips and when to book the next appointment.

Consume soft foods 

It is recommended to eat comparatively softer food items after getting braces. For example, soup, yogurt, soft veggies, pasta, seedless bread etc. Your mouth will start getting adjusted after a span of 4 to 5 days. You can then start eating solid foods. One should avoid intake of sugary and sticky foods after getting any orthodontic treatment, including braces.

Apply wax to avoid mouth sores

The dental brackets are specifically designed to not hurt the inner walls of the mouth. But, there are times when these brackets can rub against the inner wall and cause sores. This problem can be solved by applying wax to the metal brackets.

Wash your mouth with saltwater

Experiencing irritation after fitting braces can be pretty common. In that case, experts suggest rinsing your child’s mouth with a solution of warm salt water to resolve the problem. Try to do it at least 3-4 times a day for at least 15 seconds.

Make sure your child maintains good oral hygiene habits

Maintaining good oral hygiene is a must in order to take proper care of the gums and teeth. This stands true even after getting traditional braces. It is recommended that your child brushes his/her teeth after every meal. Otherwise, the food items can get stuck to the metal brackets. Brushing and flossing are perhaps the two most easy but essential steps that need to be performed for maintaining good oral hygiene. A lot of people also use an electric toothbrush for better results. 

We think that adopting the above-mentioned tips will eliminate the chances of facing any problems within the first week of getting braces. Contact Jupiter Kids & Orthodontics, if you are looking for the best dental office in Allen, TX. Our team of trained professionals are just a call away from helping you. Thank you, 

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