How does the SureSmile technology work to correct the position of your misaligned teeth?

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By Jupiter Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics

If you have already got your braces, you may already wonder when they will come off. SureSmile clear aligners have brought significant transformations in the treatment of misaligned teeth. It speeds up the treatment process by 30%. You can enjoy a faster orthodontic treatment by an Orthodontist in Allen with fewer office visits and top-quality results. It is also more comfortable compared to traditional metal braces. 

Instead of relying on traditional techniques such as plaster models and X-rays, SureSmile technology provides orthodontists with a 3-D model of a patient’s teeth. It gives the Orthodontist in Allen enhanced access to plan movements of each tooth, thus providing the patient with the most customized treatment plans available. The SureSmile robot creates customized individual archwires that suit the treatment plan created for you. The technology enables the teeth to move as planned within the prescribed time frame. 

The Procedure

Taking an advanced imaging test will be the initial step. An OraScanner or cone-beam computed tomography will capture the 3-D image of your teeth. It gives the Allen Orthodontist an in-depth view of the correction required for your teeth. The Orthodontist in Allen can view your teeth, roots, bone, soft tissues, and nerves using CBCT, which gives them the best picture of the steps required to create a beautiful smile. The 3-D model allows the dentist in Allen to look at your teeth from every angle and can preview how your teeth will look by the end of the treatment. 

The target position of each tooth can be planned with the help of SureSmile technology. It gives a clear picture to both the Orthodontist and the patient about what to expect during the treatment and how your teeth will look upon completion. Once the treatment plan is created, the SureSmile robot bends the archwires to the desired position according to the Orthodontist’s prescription. The special wire is designed to deliver the ideal amount of force required to offer gentle and consistent movement for directing the teeth to their desired location. 

Thus SureSmile technology provides enhanced control for the Orthodontist in Allen over the treatment. The 3-D model also offers the highest level of accuracy to achieve the smile of your dreams.

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