How to manage dental anxiety in your child?

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By Jupiter Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics

When a child gets sick, most parents take them to a pediatrician rather than a general practitioner since they know that such doctors have the right expertise in dealing with children. But the same is not the case with dental problems often. Many parents take their children to a general dentist rather than a pediatric dentist. A pediatric dentist in Allen is a professional who has specialized knowledge in managing children and their dental needs. A pediatric dentist knows exactly the anxiety a child may have while entering the dental office. The dentist will have the right expertise in gently managing the child during consultation and treatment. 

A child with dental anxiety may not cooperate with basic dental procedures such as dental exams, x-rays, cleaning, etc. It is also important that parents also should not display their fears in front of their kids while at the dental office. It is because your child may respond and become more anxious seeing it. The need for good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing, and the importance of dental visits, should be explained properly to your child so that they know what to expect at the dentist, thereby reducing their anxiety. 


Do Not Wait For Dental Problems To Happen

Parents with dental anxiety should ensure that the first visit to the kids’ dentist Allen is not a traumatic experience such as toothache or tooth extraction. Timely visits to the pediatric dentist ensure the child has a pleasant and fun-filled experience. During the first visit, the pediatric dentist in Allen will perform an oral examination to check whether the teeth and gums of the child are healthy and free of plaque. They may also perform a dental cleaning. By this time, the child will understand that dental visits can be fun and not as scary as they think. 


Ensure The Dental Office Is Child-friendly

A good pediatric dental office will have all the equipment and activities to make children feel relaxed and comfortable. It includes a play area for kids, video games, and other fun activities. The walls will be designed with colors and cartoons, so the child does not feel nervous or anxious while in the dentist’s chair. Even the staff will be trained to deal with kids in a fun-filled manner. 


Distractions Can Help

Ensure that your child remains distracted at the time of the procedure. Give them toys, books, or blankets, any of which makes them feel comfortable. If your child is a teen, let them bring an iPod to hear their favorite music. 


It is upto the kids’ dentist in Allen to decide whether a child needs sedation dentistry during procedures. Schedule an appointment with your nearest pediatric dentist in Allen if your child has dental anxiety and avoids dental visits because of it.  

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