First Visit Expectations

Here Is What You And Your Child Can Expect During Their Initial Visit To Jupiter Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics.

Pediatric Dentistry

During your child’s first visit, we will give them a brief tour of our office and ask some questions about their medical and oral health history. Please bring a list of any medications they may be taking and their dosages, including all vitamins and over-the-counter supplements.

We love to educate our patients and answer questions, so don’t be shy! We encourage you and your child to ask questions and express any concerns or desires.

We also encourage parents to join their child during their initial visit and subsequent recheck appointments. Our team places a significant emphasis on parent and patient education, which requires involving the parents during all exam appointments.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest standard of oral health care, and we cannot do that without the help of the wonderful parents we interact with daily. In addition to talking about the prevention of cavities and gum disease, we also talk about the prevention of abnormal craniofacial development.

Orthodontics - Children and Teens

For your child’s first visit for an orthodontic consultation, your child will have a thorough examination by Dr. Kamali. Dr. Taiym will assess and gather information necessary to determine the proper treatment for your child. Here are some of the things that you can expect during your child’s DFO records appointment:

  • Photos, x-rays, and diagnostic records including impressions of your child’s teeth
  • Evaluation of the growth and development pattern of the upper and lower jaws
  • Evaluation for poor myofunctional habits such as tongue thrust, thumb sucking, etc.
  • Evaluation of TMJ and sleep screening
  • Length of active treatment
  • Cost of treatment
  • Payment options

You will be involved in the evaluation portion of the records appointment. Dr. Taiym will review findings for your child and answer any questions.

Regardless of the reason for your child’s first visit, we aim to exceed every expectation, so please ask any questions and offer any suggestions you have!

New Patients and Emergency Appointements Welcome